Degrowth Journal Goes Live

A landmark moment for the degrowth academic community: the first publications of the Degrowth journal are now online.

Degrowth is a free, open-access, international, transdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to degrowth and post-growth studies.

The degrowth journal was established in 2020 by a small collective of junior academics following the observation of Timothée Parrique and Ben Robra in that while degrowth is a thriving field, until now it has been one without a home, and this has held it back considerably. The new journal aims to provide a space for degrowth research in which it no longer needs to defend its own existence, and in which knowledge is free and open to all, with no barriers and no profiteering.

Following an open call for publications in 2022, the journal received 55 submissions ranging from research articles to book reviews, from essays to thesis summaries. The successful submissions are now forming part of the journal’s first volume, published last Wednesday.

The first four submitted publications, as well as an introductory editorial and a re-publication of the journal’s manifesto, can be viewed here.

The journal’s editorial collective have bold plans for the future of the journal. They are looking to reopen submissions once a new submission system is implemented, and in the meantime they are exploring the development of an arts section – a challenge to the long-established epistemological boundaries between art and science – as well as making continued efforts to include people from less privileged backgrounds in the journal’s activities, and engaging with the degrowth community to make the journal an open and collective endeavour.

The collective are grateful for the many great voluntary contributions that have allowed the journal to reach this stage, including from authors, editors, reviewers, copy-editors and many others, and they are excited to now welcome you in.

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