About us

This is the networking site for the UK degrowth community, which launched in September 2018.

Degrowth is a radical alternative to the dominant neoliberal and growth-centred economic orthodoxy. Degrowth is both an academic discipline, emerging out of ecological economics and political ecology, and a social movement linking activists in community-based economic, social and environmental alternatives as well as more macro-scale political action.

DegrowthUK aims to facilitate the networking of degrowth enthusiasts in UK by providing a platform to share information on events, actions and news relevant to the degrowth movement.

If you are new to the concept of degrowth, check out this introduction on degrowth.info.

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If you would like to join the degrowthUK email list to connect with academics and activists working on degrowth send an email to the following address: degrowthuk-subscribe[at]lists.riseup.net