About degrowthUK

This is the networking site for the UK degrowth community.  Launched in September 2018.

Degrowth is a radical alternative to the dominant neoliberal and growth-centred economic orthodoxy. Degrowth is both an academic discipline, based on ecological economics and political ecology and a social movement linking activists in community-based economic, social and environmental alternatives and more macro-level political action.
This list will help a still small and dispersed network of UK degrowth enthusiasts to share information, network, seek support and announce events and actions.  For more about degrowth, try this introduction from the German degrowth network, degrowth.info.

Over time we’ll add some more information here.

If you are working on, or interested in, degrowth, then you might like to join the degrowthUK email list to connect with academics and activists working on degrowth to a steady state economy: the volume of mail is not large so your inbox won’t get overloaded.  To join, send an email to the following address.  To guard against machine generated spam, we give it in two parts – just put them together.
After the @: “LISTS.RISEUP.NET”

Follow us on twitter: @degrowthUK

email us: degrowthuk[AT]gmail.com  (replace the bit in square brackets with an @, of course.