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Celebrating 15 years of international degrowth conferences (2008-2023)

Décroissance (degrowth) was born with the publication of a special issue of S!lence in February 2002. Built on old ideas and concepts, like critiques of development, conviviality, autonomy or ecofeminism, it brought together the physical limits to growth and the cultural aspirations to diverse flourishing. Springing from activist groups the movement quickly expanded and the… Continue reading Celebrating 15 years of international degrowth conferences (2008-2023)


Degrowth Journal Goes Live

A landmark moment for the degrowth academic community: the first publications of the Degrowth journal are now online. Degrowth is a free, open-access, international, transdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to degrowth and post-growth studies. The degrowth journal was established in 2020 by a small collective of junior academics following the observation of Timothée Parrique and… Continue reading Degrowth Journal Goes Live

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Beyond Growth Conference will take place in the European Parliament

The Beyond Growth 2023 Conference is a multi-stakeholder event aiming to discuss and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe, based on a systemic and transformative approach to economic, social and environmental sustainability and its encompassing governance framework. With this conference, the organisers aim to challenge conventional policy-making in the European Union and to redefine… Continue reading Beyond Growth Conference will take place in the European Parliament

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New page on this site: Announcements

We have added a new page to the site for announcements. The first is about a funded PhD studentship on post-growth well-being. Please do let us have announcements of jobs, studentships, grants, and so on.  Fuller news items will go in the News stream that is the site's landing page, while events will go on… Continue reading New page on this site: Announcements

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Degrowth and Strategy

International Book Launch. Our friends in Degrowth Vienna have recently released a new book titled 'Degrowth and Strategy'. The book which has been extremely well received by the wider movement, advances the debate on strategy for social-ecological transformation. Bringing together voices from degrowth and related movements, 'Degrowth and Strategy' explores and identifies key directions for… Continue reading Degrowth and Strategy

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The gathering storm means an urgent change of direction

You will be all too aware of the "perfect storm" now affecting the UK.  Energy costs were already rising, a result of the increasing costs of extraction, and then the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a big further increase.  Since cheap energy is a foundation for advanced economies, the impacts of the price rises were… Continue reading The gathering storm means an urgent change of direction


New International Degrowth Journal

 Degrowth Journal has launched. They are looking for contributions for the first issue. Click for the call for contributions . For more info on the journal see Badged very much as an "academic journal", it is run by an international, independent, non-profit association. The editorial collective is decentralised across various countries (e.g., Australia, Denmark, Finland, France,… Continue reading New International Degrowth Journal

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Manchester Joint Degrowth and Ecological Economics Conference: 5-8 July online.

5th - 8th JULY 2021 updated 20 August, 2021 The International Online Joint Conference of the international degrowth research networks, the International Society for Ecological Economics and the European Society for Ecological Economics,  hosted by University of Manchester took place between 5-8 July, 2021.  Despite the global pandemic meaning that it had to be an… Continue reading Manchester Joint Degrowth and Ecological Economics Conference: 5-8 July online.


The Post Growth Challenge

The Post Growth Challenge To view the results of the challenge, CLICK HERE - takes you to (Steady State Manchester's website). The original call for submissions follows__________________________________________________________________________________Calling writers, artists, designers and video makers.Can you make a Post Growth Policy Package? An initiative from Steady State Manchester, in collaboration with the Manchester Meteor and the Systems… Continue reading The Post Growth Challenge